Teams and Collaborations

Our commitment to uniqueness and excellence leads us to collaborate with top-tier teams and partners that share our vision:

  • PROJECT MANAGERS: We collaborate with internationally renowned project managers who rigorously oversee costs and timelines, ensuring exceptional results in time and budget control.
  • ARCHITECTS AND TECHNICAL ARCHITECTS: We carefully select architects and technical architects in each location to ensure, thanks to their experience and knowledge of the place, a perfect adaptation and efficient execution of our projects.
  • CONCEPT DESIGNERS: Creativity is the essence of exclusivity. We work with the SITAG architecture and concept design studio, creators of over 1500 national and international projects, bringing their expertise and creativity to our projects.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: At Odyseo, we understand the challenge of environmental responsibility. Therefore, we develop projects that prioritize energy efficiency and collaborate with energy and sustainable products certified at the European level, such as SOLARWALL, a company that develops the heaters of today and the future, with all international certifications and European sustainability awards.