The residential range of ODYSEO, known as “Islas de Odyseo” features uniquely designed projects with architectural distinction. To achieve this, we engage renowned national and international architects, concept designers, and technicians, granting them “carte blanche” for the most original and cutting-edge creations. This is precisely what ODYSEO aims for: each “Islas de Odyseo” to be an aesthetic masterpiece that captivates its residents and provides them with a special experience. Always faithful to the precepts of our firm, namely elegance, high-end quality, and sophistication, “Islas de Odyseo” focuses on providing each residential development with spacious communal areas and living spaces designed to fully enjoy the outdoor environment.

We invite you to discover the available projects within ODYSEO’s residential range.

La Nucía – Costa Blanca
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Discover quality, uniqueness and elegance at Odyseo, where each home is a masterpiece awaiting its residents.